It was with the support of my family and friends in 2018 that I raised $13,500 for Earth Month, in support of WaterAid and clean water projects in Madagascar. I humbly ask you to support this cause again and help me raise $25,000 for WaterAid, which will provide 1,000 people with clean water for life. 

It is truly inspiring to see the work that is being done with funds raised from Earth Month each year. The massive transformation in communities is remarkable, however, our work is not done. Across the world, 844 million people lack access to safe water. This is not acceptable and I am determined to change this.

My fundraising goal is ambitious, but I know we can do it. Just $100 can provide a family in Madagascar with clean water for life. I encourage you, my friends and family, to make a donation to this truly important campaign.

This year is special for Earth Month, as we enter the final year of Collega’s 3-year commitment in Madagascar – a nation where 11.7 million people (50% of the population) lack access to safe water. Our “Everyone, Everywhere” commitment will provide 100% access to clean, drinkable water to two districts in Madagascar by 2019.

I can't thank you enough for your support.


One Life.

During my time in Kenya, I witnessed the work that WaterAid does in rural communities which is truly life changing. Moved by my experience, I captured photos of the children and women who benefit from our Earth Month efforts and created One Life, a photobook of portraits that tell their stories.

When you purchase a copy of One Life, you provide one person with clean, drinkable water for life.

100% of the proceeds from this book will directly support WaterAid Canada.