A project fueled by your generosity
and humanitarian spirit.

Collega + Aveda Canada has committed to something truly amazing.

From April 2016 to March 2019, we're going to achieve complete water access in two of Madagascar’s poorest municipalities – Belavabary and Sabotsy Anjiro, together the size of Calgary. This means that every school, every health clinic, every village – everyone, everywhere – will have access to clean, safe drinking water.

Just imagine, we're going to make history for 19,000 children, women and men who will gain access to this precious resource, many for the first time in their lives. No more illness and death because of dirty water, no more hours wasted carrying water from distant sources – just better, brighter futures because of you.

Madagascar and the Water Crisis

Madagascar is famous for its unique wildlife and landscape yet across the island over half the population lives without access to safe water and over 21 million have nowhere decent to go to the toilet.

11.7 m

people in Madagascar don't have access to safe water.


of people in Madagascar don't have access to improved sanitation.


kids under five die each year from unsafe water and poor sanitation.

Aveda and Madagascar

Many of Aveda’s key essential oils used for aroma are sourced from Madagascar, including cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, vanilla and ylang ylang! By supporting WaterAid projects in Madagascar, we’re giving back to a country that’s directly related to the products we make and love.

It’s something we can be proud of, and a story we can share.

Big Days in Madagascar

In November 2018, clean water taps were inaugurated in Amberomena, Madagascar!

In October 2017, clean water taps were inaugurated in Tsarafangitra, Madagascar!

In September 2016, clean water taps were inaugurated in Ambonidobo, Madagascar!

QUALIFY FOR the Study Tour of Madagascar!

Raise $8,000+ to qualify for the Study Tour of Madagascar! You'll see exactly who Earth Month supports and how this campaign is changing thousands of lives by providing access to clean, drinkable water. You’ll witness WaterAid in action making a difference in local communities, meet the people featured in our Earth Month campaigns, and explore this beautiful island!