What is Collega + Aveda Earth Month?

Through the power of our salons, spas, stores, institutes, guests, and supporters like you, Collega + Aveda Earth Month strive to help those in need of clean water, basic hygiene and proper sanitation. Collega + Aveda Canada participates annually as part of a global initiative with other Aveda networks worldwide to raise money and awareness around water related issues.

We often take clean, drinkable water for granted. The reality is that 844 million people do not have access to clean water, 2.3 billion people do not have access to a clean bathroom, and 315 thousand children die every year from diarrhea from unsafe water (WaterAid, 2017). Collega + Aveda Earth Month is dedicated to ending the world water crisis. In partnership with WaterAid, we believe this goal is achievable. 

This year, we have a goal of raising $510,000 for WaterAid!

Where Does The Money Go?

For the 12th consecutive year, WaterAid Canada is the exclusive charitable partner for Collega + Aveda Earth Month. WaterAid is a registered charity that provides the world's poorest people with access to clean water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education.

Since 2006, Collega + Aveda Earth Month has supported clean water projects in rural communities in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar!

In 2018, we began the final year of Collega's 3-year commitment in Madagascar.

Learn more about WaterAid and the great work they do worldwide here

How Many Lives Saved?

As of June 2017, Earth Month has raised $4.5 MILLION for WaterAid Canada. 180,000 lives have been changed forever!

Heroes and Sheroes

We're so grateful to have such incredible support within the Collega + Aveda network.
Earth Month Heroes & Sheroes are salons, spas, schools and stores that go above and beyond for Earth Month to meet their goals and change lives. 

Walk for Water

The Walk for Water unites Water Warriors for a 6 km walk – the average distance women and children walk everyday in rural, developing cities worldwide to collect water. This year's Walk for Water is on Monday, April 30th, 9-11 am local time. 

Find a Walk for Water near you or check out our Walk for Water Planning Guide to host your own!


Appointments for Clean Water

Appointments for Clean Water is an in-salon event in which salon services are offered in exchange for Earth Month donations. We recommend hosting your Appointments for Clean Water on Sunday, April 29th or Monday, April 30th. 

Hosting an Appointments for Clean Water? Let us know! Send us your salon name, address, event date and time to info@collegaearthmonth.com. We'll add your event's information to our event listing!