Picture your day’s to do list – all the chores and tasks you need to complete. Now imagine what that day would look like without direct access to clean water. Suddenly your priorities shift, and focus is put on the one thing we all quite literally, cannot live without. Water. 


As a salon we are honoured to participate in Collega's Earth Month initiative again this year. We are deeply aware that without the bountiful access to safe, clean water we are privy to in Canada, our home lives would revolve around the collection and transportation of this resource, while our industry would be essentially nonexistent. This alternate reality becomes even more meaningful as we think about the effect water scarcity has on women and children worldwide. As a company that is staffed almost entirely by women, we see firsthand the benefits of female driven leadership in society. By supporting WaterAid, we are able to champion women and girls to be leaders in their communities. Where there are empowered and educated women, there is economic growth and prosperity.

Since 2012, RedBloom has raised over $73,000 for clean water projects. Our goal this April is to add another $20,000 to that total. Our stylists and staff have been personally collecting donations, and on April 23, we hosted our own Walk for Water. RedBloom staff, family members and friends walked 6 km around the Bow River here in Calgary. What begins as a lovely city stroll for us becomes quite poignant when we think that six kilometres is the average distance women and children walk every day to collect water in the developing world. It was even more meaningful to walk along our river- flowing powerfully with fresh, mountain water. How blessed are we to have access to this resource- even in the middle of our urban landscape. 

Engaging our salon clientele about this cause is important not only to make our fundraising goals, but primarily to educate and inform them about the urgency of the global water crisis. We wanted to make it simple and meaningful for our clients to help, so we created a variety of ways for them to engage. Each of our locations held a bake sale where all funds collected from the sale of delicious goodies championed the cause. Some of our staff are also putting on hot lunches to aid their personal fundraising efforts. We are selling tote bags, and Cupanion water bottles - all funds go directly to WaterAid.

Clients who pledge $5 or more receive a ballot and are entered to win a gift basket (valued at 500$) filled with Aveda products, tea, earth month swag and a gift card for salon services. We track these donations with our water drop wall- a visual reminder to us all that our goals are significant and attainable.


We have also created a RedBloom coupon book. For $25- the cost of providing one person clean water for life, our clients receive over $150 in savings on products and services in salon. This book is a way to thank our clients for their patronage to our salon and for their compassion to this important cause.

At RedBloom we endeavour to "be always blooming" and we recognize that without water, we cannot grow and we cannot bloom. We are close to reaching our goal this year and will do our best to ensure that 800 more people will have access to clean water because of our efforts.

Happy Earth Month!

Love, RedBloom