Weekly Water Warrior: Victoria Johnston

Victoria Johnston, Aveda Partner


I am so passionate about speaking to Earth Month and WaterAid with anyone and everyone who is willing to listen, after seeing the new 2017 inspiration video of the time it takes for the woman and children to simply fetch water,I really got to thinking and self reflecting, would I ever be mentally and physically strong enough to do this twice a day? could I ever imagine sending off my young niece to do this walk here in Canada, never mind in Madagascar?

NO! No is the answer because this is not a world we live in, no one ever should! I simply couldn’t imagine this being my own reality, and my heart hurts to think this is the reality of so many people in Madagascar. Unfortunately worrying doesn’t do anyone any good, and we need to take action! Being fearless when asking for people to help the cause and explaining so passionately about the details in which people live, has been so successful in my donations. It is our responsibility to help,I believe in us as a community to rally together and present Ernest with the biggest gift yet, our 2017 earth month fundraising efforts, surpassing our goal!