Weekly Water Warrior: Nan Campbell

Nan Campbell, Aveda Institute Winnipeg


"TIME is everything! When WaterAId works with a community, the whole dynamic of time changes instantly and dramatically for everyone in the community. A WaterAid project literally gives mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, brothers, grandfathers, TIME. Time for what matters: staying in school; playing with your friends; caring for your family; cultivating a garden; daydreaming.
Think how much TIME $7500 will provide  three hundred beautiful people in Madagascar for whom access to clean water is still but a dream.
Simply put: Imagine your day if someone stole three hours away from you – what would you have to sacrifice? Now imagine giving those same three hours to a teenage girl in Madagascar who currently walks a minimum of three hours a day to collect water. What a gift!
This year – I am giving the gift of TIME.
Won’t you join me?