Cyclone Enawo's Impact on Madagascar

Each year, a tropical cyclone hits Madagascar. On March 7th, Cyclone Enawo reached it's peak of intensity and was the strongest tropical cyclone to strike Madagascar in over 13 years. 
These cyclones leave thousands of homes demolished, families displaced and people without access to clean, drinkable water.

Last year, we announced Collega's 3-year commitment in Madagascar, which will provide 20,000 people with access to clean, drinkable water by 2019. We are as dedicated as ever to ensuring we fulfill this commitment.

WaterAid Madagascar's Voices from the Field Officer, Ernest Randriarimalala, gave us a hopeful message:
"After a cyclone every year, finding and fetching drinkable water used to be very challenging and impossible for communities in Faratsiho but this time (before, during and) after the cyclone hits this locality, communities are able to fetch safe water at their newly built water point. They also use self built toilets to avoid dirt from spreading during this critical time."

After the cyclone, Ernest visited communities supported by WaterAid and witnessed the transformation that clean water projects deliver to communities affected by these events.