A Big Day in Tsarafangitra!

This past February, we introduced you to four mothers from Tsarafangitra, Madagascar: Raoly, Miora, Vero and Veronique. We followed their daily journey for water, which consisted of a 3 km walk to and from a dirty, contaminated pond. This was the only water source accessible to the village. Raoly, Miora, Vero, Veronique and thousands of mothers like them spent hours a day collecting water, taking away time from their children, paid labour and other crucial tasks.

Now, everything has changed. Because of your support this Earth Month 2017, Tsarafangitra has access to clean, drinkable water. No more walking for water, no more preventable sickness, all because of you!

Learn more about Collega + Aveda Earth Month's work in Madagascar.

WATCH! Clean water arrives in Tsarafangitra!

Access to clean water gives her more time for what matters.