Study Tour of Madagascar 2016 Top 5 Moments

This October, Earth Month 2016 champions traveled to Madagascar to witness the life-changing work made possible by WaterAid Canada. The Study Tour of Madagascar was filled with memorable and inspirational moments that will inspire and motive us all this upcoming Earth Month. 

Here are the Top 10 Moments from this year's Study Tour!
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Top 5 Moments!

Meeting the WaterAid Madagascar Team
After up to 36 hours of travel, the Study Tour group was welcomed by WaterAid Madagascar's Voices in the Field Officer, Ernest Randriarimalala. It didn't take long to notice how hospitable, warm and caring Ernest, and the WaterAid Madagascar team were, including: Ando, Hasina, Nary, Salohy and Lovy. With this partnership, the group was sure to have a remarkable and emotional Study Tour.


Meeting Noeline
Undeniably a magical moment, meeting Noeline was emotional, rewarding and inspirational. This young water warrior, featured in the Earth Month 2016 video, was instantly spotted in a crowd of dozens. Noeline was happy and healthy, as a young girl should be. Here she is posing in front of her new garden, which flourished with access to clean water!


New Friends
Within minutes of entering the village's supported by Earth Month, the Study Tour group had new friends – young and old, male and female. Holding hands, dancing and smiling was enough communication to create new bonds with our Malagasy friends!


85 Years without Clean Water
At 85 years old, Dadabe Rakotoarivony is the oldest in his village of Belavabary. He was able to drink clean water for the first time in his life thanks to the support of Earth Month! To commemorate this magical day, Dadabe has a piece of the inauguration ribbon pinned on his jacket. 


Walk for Water in Tsarafangitra, Madagascar
During A Day in the Life Of..., Study Tour participants experienced what the trek for water is like for millions of women and children. The group walked two kilometres up a steep hill carrying a 44 lbs jerrycan from the dirty water source. The walk to the stream is a route local women and children know far too well.