Water Warriors: RedBloom

What are some team/group fundraisers your salon hosts?  Do you have anything planned for this year that you would like to share?

We do some fun things internally like bake sales and dinner parties. We also offer $10 treatments for the month of April with 100% proceeds to the cause- of course a raffle basket with WaterDrops made from recycled magazines. One location (Downtown) is doing a cut-a-thon. This year we are also selling a coupon book that has over $200 in value for only $25- excited as this is something we've never done before.

How much did your salon raise last year?  What is your goal this year?

Last year we raised just under $15,000-- this year we are going for $18,000

What do you think are the best ways to fundraise as a group?

We love the treatments- they add up quickly and give the guest something awesome-- but the more fun things like the bake sale gets us excited and is more of a team thing.

How do you keep each other/your team motivated during Aveda Earth Month?

Huddles- high fives- posts on internal Facebook wall- celebrations- this year we did some crazy visuals: jars of dirty water at every station, paper cards that talk about the cause.

What is your Earth Month Best Practice?  Any tips you would like to share with other fundraisers.

Making sure leaders are jazzed about it! Having a champion in each salon

Why is Earth Month important to you and your salon/team?

It's just one of the ways in which we give back-- throughout the year we focus on local charities. For the month of April we love the connection with all the other Aveda salons across the country! Its such an awesome feeling-- plus for such a little effort we can make such a HUGE difference!