Water Warrior: Aveda Salons in Regina, SK!

1.      What are some team/group fundraisers your salon hosts?  Do you have anything planned for this year that you would like to share?

A group of 7 Aveda salons in the Regina area come together to host a CATWALK FOR WATER. The event is a hair and makeup runway gala. Each salon or team presents their own segment designing models head to toe in reused or repurposed material. Anything form plastic shopping bags to newspaper papermaches corsets to reclaimed rubber tires. We include a silent auction, band, DJ, appetizers and drinks. There are about 40 stylists/makeup artists/students, 45 models and over 20 volunteers that work on this event with the help of about 15 local sponsors. Although it is a non-competitive event, this year we will be adding a viewer’s choice where the 220 ticketed attendees can vote for which salon they feel represented the mission best

 2.      How much did your salon raise last year?  What is your goal this year?

Last year our team raised $16000, this year our goal is $20000 

 3.      What do you think are the best ways to fundraise as a group?

It really depends on the group, but overall finding an initiative that the group can connect to that draws on the teams natural talents and/or passions is essential. If time is limited, choose something simple like selling recycled magazine water drops at the cash wrap. If you have more time, maybe organize a Cut-a-Thon. Whatever you choose, set a goal, lay out clear expectations and deadlines.  And most importantly whatever the fundraising initiatives is be sure to nominate a leader or champion to ensure everyone is on the same page and you are on track to hitting your goal


 4.      How do you keep each other/your team motivated during Aveda Earth Month?

We meet bi-weekly from February until May to update on where each department is at. Our 5 committee members each have their own responsibilities and we present back at our meeting where we are at. It helps to keep us both connected and on track. We try to keep it fun, for example last night we "drink sampling" at a potential supporter of the event. It helps that we all like each other too :) 

5.      What is your Earth Month Best Practice?  Any tips you would like to share with other fundraisers.

Collaborate! Coming together as a group bring access to many connections with sponsors, it also fosters a networking environment amongst our region of AVEDA salons. The more people committed the more amazing ideas surface! When you have a team working together to put on an event, it distributes the workload, each person does there small bit to bigger project. Our committee has their own task lists keeping our efforts organized and efficient. Everyone can contribute to the level that they are comfortable with   

 6.      Why is Earth Month important to you and your salon/team?

We are all connected for different reasons, most of us are passionate about where the funds are going. Some are connected to support and Align with the AVEDA mission and some are just hungry to participate in an event that allows them to express their creative talent