Water Warrior: Morgan Roy!

What is your fundraising goal for Earth Month 2015?
My fundraising goal for 2015 is $10,000.  


What are you doing to get to this goal?
I'm offering haircuts to friends and family for a $75 donation or a blow dry for a $50 donation. I'm also helping my friend Darlene with her gala fundraiser, H2015Toronto. I'm trying to get others involved and excited, you never know how people are going to respond. One of my friends signed up all her employees to join the Walk!  

How do you stay motivated while fundraising during your Earth Month?
I stay motivated through others; you never know who's going to give, how they will support or who they will share with.  Plus it's kinda fun to watch the number grow.  $10,000 dollars is a big goal but I feel like I can do it.   


How has participating in Earth Month changed your prospective of the world?
I have two step children, and I feel that it's important that I'm a role model to them. With all the superficial Kim Kardashian's out there, I'd like to think it's better to do good then to just be feeling good.   

Why is Aveda Earth Month / WaterAid’s work important to you?
My participation in fundraising for WaterAid changed this year. This year I thought with everything that these people have to suffer and go through, the least I can do is try.  Everyone has a right to clean water, education, sanitation and healthcare – just like I have being a Canadian.  Maybe I'm an idealist dreamer but I think we are extremely blessed in this country and it’s up to us to share what we have.