What would you give up to collect clean water?

Aveda Earth Month does more than put into practice the Aveda Mission to care for the world we live in.  Aveda Earth Month puts our lives into perspective. We often take for granted how accessible clean water is to us in North America. In seconds, we can turn on a tap to drink water, wash our hands, and prepare and cook food. We can easily flush a toilet, take a shower and wash our clothes. These are basic human necessities we don’t often think twice about.

The truth is that one-tenth of the world’s population doesn’t have access to clean water. Women and children spend hours a day, sometimes walking more than 6km, to collect water that is often unsafe. They put themselves in precarious situations, possibly facing dangerous men and thieves, and insecure weather and land conditions to collect water that is often not even safe to drink. The time and effort spent collecting water could be spent on critical tasks such as cooking and preparing food, attending to children, going to school or paid labour.

This Earth Month, think of what you’d have to give up for time to collect water. Maybe it’s time spent watching your favourite TV show, going to the gym or playing your favourite sport, spending time with your loved ones, or simply resting.  

Could you do it?

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