Stand Up for Education

Worldwide, millions of kids spends hours a day walking for and collecting water. This takes them out of school, where they are able to gain an education that change their lives for the better. 

Clean water is essential for kids to lead longer, healthier lives, and to gain the education they need that can break the cycle if poverty. Moreover, clean water and basic sanitation in schools are essential to fostering healthy development and educational achievement in children. 

When you Stand Up for Clean Water, you Stand Up for Education. Purchase your limited edition Stand Up for Education tote bag to give kids in Madagascar clean water. All proceeds support WaterAid Canada and clean water projects in Madagascar. 

Photo by Ernest Randriarimalala/ WaterAid Canada

Photo by Ernest Randriarimalala/ WaterAid Canada

CONGRATS to the Earth Month Prize Winners!

Without the support and commitment of Earth Month participants, we wouldn't be able to provide access to clean, drinkable water to thousands in need in Madagascar, so we want to say MISAOTRA♥️ (it means thank you)! Here are the Earth Month 2018 prize winners!

CONGRATS to the Earth Month 2018 prize winners and MISAOTRA♥️ for all of your support for WaterAid Canada and clean water projects in Madagascar!
Click here for contest details.

Photo by Ernest Randriarimalala

Photo by Ernest Randriarimalala

Misaotra to the Top Fundraising Teams of 2018!

The funds are in and we're set to announce the grand total raised this Earth Month - all thanks to YOUR support💦! But first, we want to send a big MISAOTRA♥️ (it means thank you!) to the Earth Month 2018 top fundraising salons. Drum roll please...

The total raised by this year's top fundraising teams accounted for more than $115,000 of funds raised this year! MISAOTRA♥️!

Photo by Ernest Randriarimalala

Photo by Ernest Randriarimalala

Earth Month 2018 Leaders!

Each year, a hand full of participating Earth Month teams go above and beyond to achieve and surpass their Earth Month goals. This year, 22 locations made it to the Earth Month Leaders board in Canada!

MISAOTRA for all you've done to support Earth Month and WaterAid Canada!

Earth Month Leaders 2018

Aveda Experience Centre - Square One
Aveda Institute Calgary
Aveda Institute Toronto
Aveda Institute Winnipeg
Birch And Lace
Changes Hair Studio
Civello Salon - Oakville
Civello Salon - Queen
Civello Salon - Robson
Civello Salon - Rosedale
Civello Salon - South Granville

Diva Country Hills Boulevard
Diva West Mount Royal Salon Spa
Europa Salon & Spa
Henning Salon
Keora Aveda Salon Spa & Boutique
Mane Street Hair Styling
Perri & Palmacci Hair Co
Redbloom - Bridgeland
Salon Venere - Oakville
Spruce Salon
Storm Hair Group - St Catharines

Photo by Ernest Randriarimalala

Photo by Ernest Randriarimalala

#creatifTO: The Lemur Look by Gabo Hernandez

On May 27th, CRÉATIF hosted the very first #creatifTO at The Rec Room, Toronto. The event brought together 14 hair artists and 5 guest artists, including internationally renowned Peter Gray, Lupe Voss, Geno Chapman, Charlie Price and DJ Muldoon – raising an amazing $22,655 for WaterAid Canada and clean water projects in Madagascar!

Part of the 14 hair artists was Gabo Hernandez from Civello Salon. In 2017, Gabo raised an amazing $7,500 for WaterAid Canada, qualifying him to participate in last year's Study Tour of Madagascar. Read on to see how Gabo's experience in Madagascar influenced his creative look at #creatifTO!

Photo by Natasha Gerschon

Photo by Natasha Gerschon

What was your inspiration behind your look at CRÉATIF?
I was inspired by a very exotic and extraordinary animal from the island of Madagascar – the lemur! There are over 100 different species of lemurs and I based my inspiration on the Ring Tail Lemur. Seeing this beautiful and super friendly marsupial was definitely one of many highlights of my experience in Madagascar. I was drawn to it’s tail, colours and the way it moved. 

Why did you want to incorporate your experience in the Study Tour of Madagascar into your look for CRÉATIF?
I wanted to do something unique and meaningful but also allusive to the reason we were all united at CRÉATIF – to celebrate the craft and community of design and creativity. But most importantly, to celebrate humanity! I wanted the audience to experience some of the beauty of Madagascar that I witnessed last fall during the Study Tour. 

What effect and response did you hope to achieve by creating this style?
I wanted to spark awareness and a wow factor, and to showcase that inspiration comes from multiple sources – no matter where it's from around the world! This time, my inspiration was a mix of nature, the remarkable lemur and my emotions from my time in Madagascar. All of these things made this look so special to me. After my inspiration came the challenge of how I was going to create my desired look, but I was still so excited to do this!

Photo by Stephanie Luong

Photo by Stephanie Luong

Gabriel (Gabo) Hernandez
is originally from Venezuela and is based in Toronto, where he got his professional training at the Aveda Institute and Academy - graduating with Honours from both programs. He's a hard and dedicated worker with a lot of respect for his craft and has been with the Aveda family since 2011. Gabo has become a highly-rated hairdresser by his clients. He has also had the pleasure to work closely with Kristjan Hayden (Aveda Creative Director) and he is proud to continue to expand his creativity as a part of the Civello Creative Team and Aveda Team Canada. Gabo's most recent accomplishment is being named the 2017 Canadian Aveda Global Fashionista Winner.

Stand Up for Mothers

Worldwide, there are millions of fierce, resilient mothers that fetch water from unsafe sources. They and their families use this water to drink, bath and cook with. They have no other choice, but we do. This Earth Month, Stand Up for Mothers in Amberomena, Madagascar by providing access to clean, drinkable water.

You'll make a world of difference in their lives. 

With clean water, women earn an income, kids can go to school and families can live healthier, happier lives.

Photos by Rami Accoumeh

Why We Walk for Water

We Walk for Water so one day, they won't have to. 

Worldwide, 844 million people lack access to clean water. The average distance to any water source is 6 kilometres away, resulting in a long, strenuous and dangerous Walk for Water. 

Women and girls are the primary water fetchers. This takes girls out of school and women out of paid labour. Not having access to clean water means death and sickness rates remain high - devastating even.

So, what are the statistics?

2.3 billion people don't have a decent toilet of their own.

Every minute a newborn dies from infection caused by lack of safe water and an unclean environment.

Diarrhoea caused by dirty water and poor toilets kills a child under 5 every 2 minutes. 

The World Bank says promoting good hygiene is one of the most cost effective health interventions.

844 million people don’t have clean water close to home.

Around the world up to 443 million school days are lost every year because of water-related illnesses.

Every $1 invested in water and toilets returns an average of $4 in increased productivity.

If everyone, everywhere had clean water, the number of diarrhoeal deaths would be cut by a third.

Photos by Ernest Randriarimalala


Picture your day’s to do list – all the chores and tasks you need to complete. Now imagine what that day would look like without direct access to clean water. Suddenly your priorities shift, and focus is put on the one thing we all quite literally, cannot live without. Water. 


As a salon we are honoured to participate in Collega's Earth Month initiative again this year. We are deeply aware that without the bountiful access to safe, clean water we are privy to in Canada, our home lives would revolve around the collection and transportation of this resource, while our industry would be essentially nonexistent. This alternate reality becomes even more meaningful as we think about the effect water scarcity has on women and children worldwide. As a company that is staffed almost entirely by women, we see firsthand the benefits of female driven leadership in society. By supporting WaterAid, we are able to champion women and girls to be leaders in their communities. Where there are empowered and educated women, there is economic growth and prosperity.

Since 2012, RedBloom has raised over $73,000 for clean water projects. Our goal this April is to add another $20,000 to that total. Our stylists and staff have been personally collecting donations, and on April 23, we hosted our own Walk for Water. RedBloom staff, family members and friends walked 6 km around the Bow River here in Calgary. What begins as a lovely city stroll for us becomes quite poignant when we think that six kilometres is the average distance women and children walk every day to collect water in the developing world. It was even more meaningful to walk along our river- flowing powerfully with fresh, mountain water. How blessed are we to have access to this resource- even in the middle of our urban landscape. 

Engaging our salon clientele about this cause is important not only to make our fundraising goals, but primarily to educate and inform them about the urgency of the global water crisis. We wanted to make it simple and meaningful for our clients to help, so we created a variety of ways for them to engage. Each of our locations held a bake sale where all funds collected from the sale of delicious goodies championed the cause. Some of our staff are also putting on hot lunches to aid their personal fundraising efforts. We are selling tote bags, and Cupanion water bottles - all funds go directly to WaterAid.

Clients who pledge $5 or more receive a ballot and are entered to win a gift basket (valued at 500$) filled with Aveda products, tea, earth month swag and a gift card for salon services. We track these donations with our water drop wall- a visual reminder to us all that our goals are significant and attainable.


We have also created a RedBloom coupon book. For $25- the cost of providing one person clean water for life, our clients receive over $150 in savings on products and services in salon. This book is a way to thank our clients for their patronage to our salon and for their compassion to this important cause.

At RedBloom we endeavour to "be always blooming" and we recognize that without water, we cannot grow and we cannot bloom. We are close to reaching our goal this year and will do our best to ensure that 800 more people will have access to clean water because of our efforts.

Happy Earth Month!

Love, RedBloom 

How can you make a difference this Earth Day?

This year's Earth Day theme is End Plastic Pollution.

We know the harms that plastic can do to our oceans, air and land. One impacting way to lower plastic use is to decrease the use of bottled water. Worldwide, millions of people resort to buying bottled water simply because they lack access to clean water otherwise.

Let's change that.

Photo by Ernest Randriarimalala

Photo by Ernest Randriarimalala

Make a difference at home:

  • Use a reusable bag. Buy or make your own and be sure to wash them often! 
  • Use a reusable bottle or mug for your beverages, even when ordering out.
  • Reuse containers for storing leftovers or shopping in bulk.
  • Avoid buying frozen foods because their packaging is mostly plastic.

Make a difference in Madagascar:

  • Raise awareness about the world water, sanitation and hygiene crisis through your social media, or by speaking with your family and friends.
  • Aim to achieve your Earth Month goal to provide clean water in Madagascar.
  • Recruit a friend to help your efforts or begin their own fundraising campaign.